Newsreader Setup and Configuration

The SuperNews NNTP news server address is:

Access to SuperNews servers requires username and password authentication. Note: your SuperNews username and password are case-sensitive. Please be sure that you enter them correctly!

You may authenticate manually each time you use SuperNews or configure your newsreader program to automatically authenticate your account.

Newsreader Applications

Please Note - We do not provide support for any newsreader software. This page has been designed as a convenience for customers. For other questions, please refer to our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page.

Windows Applications

Macintosh Applications

256 Bit SSL Configuration Settings

If you have a Super Secure account, you may need to take additional steps to enable SSL encryption in your news client. The specific method differs from client to client, but generally you will have enter the server configuration options, check a box enabling SSL, and change the port used to 443 or 563 depending on your preference. For specific setup instructions, refer to the documentation for your news client, or contact Supernews support for additional assistance.

Other questions can be directed to, or see our Contact Us page.

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